SC 246 Corridor Improvements Project

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About the Project

In conjunction with the County of Greenwood, SCDOT proposes to improve the SC 246 corridor from US 221 to SC 702 in Greenwood County, South Carolina. Proposed improvements include widening SC 246 from two to five lanes for approximately 3 miles from US 221 through the Emerald Road Intersection and widening from two to three lanes for approximately 1 mile from Emerald Road to SC 702. Further proposed is replacing and widening the bridge along SC 246 over the CSX Railroad.


Project Goals

  • To improve traffic flow and operational efficiency
  • To enhance economic development

The Project Team is conducting studies to support these goals and to further refine the purpose and need statement for the project.

Project Funding

In 2016, citizens of Greenwood County voted to approve the Greenwood County Capital Project Sales Tax which included approximately $12 million allocated for the SC 246 widening. In 2022, Greenwood County received approval of their request for $38 Million in financial assistance from the South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB). Additional funding needs may be obtained from federal sources.

  • $12 Million – Greenwood County Sales Tax
  • $38 Million – SCTIB

Proposed Schedule

Preliminary Engineering: Underway
Right-of-Way: Mid 2025
Construction: Mid 2027
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